The consultation

Active participation in discussions helped us shape a collective understanding of where we want to take this campus in the future.

The outcomes of these discussions will provide direction to our academic, research and campus master planning processes, which will articulate how we will achieve our aspirations.

More than 2,200 comments from our campus community were collected via two kick off meetings, 14 faculty unit meetings, four research roundtables, seven administrative unit meetings, student graffiti walls and the Aspire website. In addition, over 350 students provided detailed comments through a survey specially designed to gain student perspective.

Using the feedback collected from staff through the launch, the meetings and the online survey, the next stage of consultation process began in the winter of 2014 with a February 2014 update report.

In April 2014, a draft report was circulated for review and feedback. The consultation culminated with release of the final Aspire report in August 2014.

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Consultation Opportunities

Open houses began October 29, 2013.  Through the winter, the many academic and administrative units of our campus were engaged in discussions about their vision, by Campus Community Champions who have volunteered to work with their areas to gather input.

On April 10, 2014, a special faculty, staff and student workshop was held to explore some of the emerging themes in more detail.

Staff Participation

The initial stage of staff-focused consultation started in fall 2013 with the Aspire Launch event on October 29 and the creation of the Aspire project website.

Champions for this project also included staff, students, and faculty. The Staff Champions included representatives from each employment group and from a variety of departments. In addition, this project was led by the Steering Committee; with representation from each champion group and senior leadership.

Student Participation

The initial stage of student-focused consultation took place November 18 to 21, 2013. Graffiti walls were set up at various campus locations along with a question about the future of our campus. Student, faculty and staff champions were on hand to invite students to come make their mark and help shape the Okanagan campus vision. We appreciate all the input we received and look forward to reporting back in the next phase of consultation on what we heard. Stay tuned!

The Steering Committee included student representatives to ensure student issues were part of all conversations about our future, and the Student Champions were part of the Campus Community Champions group. Direct consultations with students also included social media channels devoted to sparking and gathering ideas.

Faculty Participation

Discussions with individual faculty departments and units were led by faculty champions.