Why now?

Why is now a good time to undertake a campus visioning exercise? There are several reasons, and most of them hinge on “because we can” and “because we must.”

Quick Facts

Facts and Figures about UBC’s Okanagan campus

Let’s look at the first – “because we can”. We are at a point in our evolution where we have accomplished many great things, including: reaching student enrolment targets; tripling the physical infrastructure of the campus; building an intensive research community; and establishing new programs, including professional programs.

It is the natural next step in the life cycle of an organization to consider what we have built and look forward to what we want to do with it. During this period of intense activity, we’ve already transformed from the initial vision of a liberal arts university to a full research university.

An enormous investment in infrastructure and resources has enabled us to build a vibrant learning and research community here in the BC Interior. As we stabilize, we have the insights to think about the future in a more informed way than even a few years ago.

And we must.  Now, our governments and communities are asking us how we are going to use the investment to even further impact our region, the province, and the world. And, like every other public institution of higher learning in North America, we are being asked to consider this in the face of budget restraint, as governments meet ongoing mandates to reduce debt and create jobs.

Consider our core commitments

The process of envisioning our future is an opportunity to consider opportunities at the Okanagan campus for:

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