Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Our Commitment

“The University serves and engages society to enhance economic, social, and cultural well-being.”

from Place and Promise, the UBC Plan – Community Engagement

Community Engagement Profile

Close ties with businesses and organizations in the region and around the world empower our students, researchers and community partners to create opportunities for student learning, social and economic development, knowledge creation and innovation that has an impact.

For instance, a UBC engineering team is partnering with the City of Kelowna to improve water infrastructure maintenance, while our Canada Research Chair in Health, Economics and Diversity is working with health providers in rural and remote areas to deliver improvements to end of life care. And globally, our professors and students are helping to preserve languages and empower communities by creating alphabets for oral languages.

Research collaboration with industry partners throughout the region and across Canada include more than 50 federally funded Engage Grant projects with businesses that have never before worked with University Researchers.

The Opportunity

What’s next? How do we encourage regional economic and social development, and healthier communities? With whom do we partner, and how?

The recommendations that emerged from the consultation process are detailed in the Aspire report.

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