Transformative Learning

Transformative Learning

Our Commitment

“The University provides the opportunity for transformative student learning through outstanding teaching and research, enriched educational experiences, and rewarding campus life.”

from Place and Promise, the UBC Plan – Student Learning

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Transformative Learning Profile

We have 51 undergraduate and 14 graduate programs in eight faculties and schools, including a medical program and professional programs.

What do our students experience?

  • Nearly half of our undergraduate classes have fewer than 30 students, lending to the original spirit of an intimate learning community.
  • A total of 228 students participated in international learning opportunities at 180 partner institutions world wide, and group study programs led our professors provide other opportunities for enriched experiences.
  • Our fourth-year nursing students travel to Ghana or Zambia annually for six weeks to work in clinics and conduct health outreach in remote villages, bringing with them 14,500 pounds of medical supplies since 2002.
  • Many of our students (more than 500) worked with 30 community organizations on community service learning projects, while more than 300 management and engineering students participated in business and industry projects.
  • In 2013, 35 of our graduate students received graduate degrees in interdisciplinary studies, combining at least two different disciplinary perspectives across different faculties.

While they are learning, they are doing so in an environment that includes new buildings, study spaces, collegia, and recreational opportunities.

The Opportunity

What knowledge and experiences should fundamentally characterize a student’s time here at UBC Okanagan going forward, at both the undergraduate and graduate level? What can we do uniquely here to prepare the students of the future to contribute to a global, civil, sustainable society? What will characterize a transformative learning experience here?

The recommendations that emerged from the consultation process are detailed in the Aspire report.

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